Following the negotiation initiated by Governor Bello Matawalle, many Yan sakai first surrendered 86 dane guns and released some relatives of the bandits in their captivity including an aged old woman.


  1. Weapons surrendered by bandits who embraced peace. One Military LMG (Light Machine Gun), two MM guns, one Ak47 and ten rounds of 7.62mm of live ammunition.


  1. Another cache of arms recovered which comprises of 240 assorted weapons both locally made and sophisticated ones.


Three More arms recovered through the peace accord:

  1. AK-47 rifle with breech No. 701883/1988 with 4 rounds of live ammunition

       2. AK-47 rifle with breech No. 56/1210035/00

       3. AK-47 rifle with breech No. 0701421

  1. Light machine gun (LMG) rifle breech number erased

      5. AK-47 rifle with breech No.35372

  1. FN rifle breech No. 167119
  1. FN rifle with breech No.212108
  1. Ten (10) rounds of live ammunition
  1. AK-47 rifle with breech No.1141 with empty magazine
  1. AK-47 rifle with breech No.1975 with empty magazine".


     11. Seven more bandits surrendered fourteen (14) AK47 rifles, took oath on the Glorious Quran never to engage in banditry again.


   12. Twenty (22) more sophisticated arms including a General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) were surrendered by a notorious bandit commander Auwalun Daudawa and his syndicate.


Procurement of vehicles for operations and other logistics.