The issue of RUGA, which was hotly debated across the vast spectrum of the federation, when the President Muhammadu Buhari made mention of his intention to establish grazing settlement for herders. However, Zamfara State Government sees in it a potential way of resolving communal conflicts between farmers and herders which culminated into banditry and cattle rustling. Thus, it is unanimously accepted in order to regain the lost glory of peace when farmers and herders in the state were living side by side, peacefully, reinforcing each other because land ownership and pastural fields were strictly earmarked and not encroached. With the disturbance of the system, communal conflicts characterised by banditry and rustling replaced the once serene and stable environment.

As part of his relentless effort to institute peace in Zamfara His Excellency the Executive Governor of Zamfara State, (Dr) Bello Muhammed (Matawallen Maradun) had on August 2019 received RUGA architectural 3D designs from a team of architects he had earlier mobilized. He ordered for the immediate commencement of the gigantic project which comprised of 3 RUGA settlements, 1 for each of the 3 senatorial zones on 100 hectares of land each.

The gigantic project comprises of two phases of highly sophisticated structures, The settlements will include, among other things, formal and Islamiyya schools, hospitals, earth dams, veterinary hospitals and many other social amenities that will make the Fulani community and their herds of cattle relatively comfortable.

Part of the project entails:

First phase

* Integrated settlements

* Schools (Secular and Religious (12 Classrooms)

* Veterinary Clinic

* Earth Dam

* Cattle Cottage

* Grazing yard

* Abbatoir

* Mosque

* Cemetaries

* Overhead tank

Second Phase

* Irrigation system

* Milk Collection Centre

* Assorted Seeds of animal feed

* Traditional community/Social Arena.

Today, the pilot project in Maradun has reached 65% completion.