Rugga project

Another step taken to address the issue of security is the establishment of Ruga Settlements for Fulani communities across the three senatorial districts of the State. The contract for the construction of the pilot settlement at Ranji, Sakida, Maradun Local Government Area, was awarded at the cost of N2,877,000,000. Already, the work has reached an advanced level of completion. It is located on a land of about 20,000 hectares and has the following components:

  1. Twelve hand pumps and four solar motorised ones;
  2. Dairy collection centre;
  3. Irrigation farms and canals;
  4. Access roads covering the entire vicinity of the settlements;
  5. Livestock market;
  6. Modern abattoir;
  7. Grazing yard;
  8. Cattle cottage;
  9. Earth dam;
  10. Primary Healthcare Centre of 30 beds capacity;
  11. Cattle ranches;
  12. Veterinary clinics;
  13. 210 housing units of 3- and 2-bedroom flats;
  14. Primary school of 12 classroom capacity;
  15. Secondary school;
  16. Islamiyya school;
  17. Jumu'ah mosque;
  18. Cemetery;
  19. Police station;
  20. A mini-market consisting of 140 open and locked-up shops;
  21. Grass band that matures within 16 weeks which will improve the quantity and quality of cow milk, and is medicinal;
  22. Shelterbelt;
  23. Social centre for sporting activities, ceremonies and other community engagements.